Arizona Billboard

It seems difficult to find the perfect Arizona billboard. There are not many billboards in Arizona, making it a challenge for most advertisers to get the location they want, with the high traffic and visibility it takes to get the most out of your advertising dollars.

How do you get an Arizona Billboard? You’ve got to do your due diligence. Many billboards are owned by individuals with private land. They may have high expectations about the value of their billboard faces. They don’t understand the value of an impression, and when you start talking about the cost per impression and the CPM rate for the billboard advertising you plan to do, it may not go anywhere.

You can also look to the Arizona Billboards owned and promoted by the big media networks. The rates will be consistent with your expectations, but you probably won’t find any bargains.

The Arizona Billboard market is quite strong, due to low inventory and many popular locations that command high prices due to steady demand.

Arizona Billboards identifies billboard locations around Phoenix and Phoenix Billboard locations, so that billboard advertisers can browse available ad inventory for possible matches.

If you own a billboard and want to add it to our inventory, please contact us.